Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Interactive Games

UPDATE: Find even MORE Christmas games for the classroom on my updated site by clicking here!

Here are some Christmas themed games to use in the classroom for learning and for fun:

Christmas Tree Lights:
Light up the tree by connecting all the wires and bulbs.

Christmas Spot the Differences:
Can you find all seven differences before time runs out?

Christmas Mahjong:

Off The Edge Christmas Ornaments:
Put 3 ornaments of the same color in a row and they will be removed.  Watch out and don't get too close to the edge!

Christmas Bells:

Christmas Sudoko:

Draw a line to help Santa collect all the presents.

An interactive story.

Practice math skills: counting, matching, ordering, and sequencing.

Swap the items to make 3 in a row.

Count down the days with a different activity to discover under each date.

Use logic to hang all of the Christmas ornaments.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Edublogs Awards Nomination

I was surprised to find out that my blog, InTec InSights, was nominated in the category of "Best Resource Sharing Blog" in the annual Edublogs Awards.  I am honored to have been nominated by my peers for such an award.  If you'd like to vote for this blog, please visit the voting page and choose InTec InSights.

As a technology integration specialist, I started this blog as a simple way to share great technology resources with the teachers in my school district.  To my amazement, I have also received a great following from educators all over the world.  It is wonderful to know that I am part of a network of educators that are passionate about educational technology.  Make sure you check out all of the great nominees on the Edublogs Awards main page, you are sure to find some great blogs to follow.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Online Gingerbread Houses To Decorate

Here are three sites that offer online gingerbread houses to decorate and print.  Use these as story starters or glyph activities in the classroom.

Gingerbread House from

Jan Brett's Interactive Baby Gingerbread House:

Home Sweet Home Gingerbread House:

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Gingerbread Man Storybook and Activities

A popular elementary theme for December is the gingerbread man.  The TES I-Board has two wonderful interactive activities for The Gingerbread Man story. 

The first activity is an interactive book.  Students can hear the book as it is read to them and can click on the magic wand to recreate the scenery of the story. 

The second activity allows students to sequence and retell the story.  Students can drag the story scenes to the timeline and play the timeline to listen to the retelling in the order they chose.  Use the arrows on the timeline to reorder scenes.  Students can also use the pencil to edit the text and to retell the story in their own words.

A simpler version of the Gingerbread Man story can be found at  In this version, students first choose shapes and colors for the gingerbread man's eyes, nose, and buttons.  Then the gingerbread man runs away.  This activity would be perfect for lower primary students.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Label The Continents

Is your class learning about the continents?  Here is a labeling game from that is perfect to use on your Smartboard or IWB.  Just drag the names of the continents to the correct locations!

Photo Op: An Introduction to Digital Photography and Editing

The National Gallery of Art's Kids Zone has wonderful interactive art activities for students.  One of their newer applications is Photo-Op.  This is a two part application to teach kids about digital photography and editing.  First, students use the Snapper, a virtual camera, to take photos.  The user can zoom in or out, change the settings, and play with the focus, aperture, and speed.  Next, students use the Editor to change the photo with filters, special effects, colors, layers, and lighting.  This application would be a great introduction to using digital cameras and digital editing software.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanksgiving Interactive Games

UPDATE: Find even MORE Thanksgiving games for the classroom on my updated site by clicking here!

Here are some Thanksgiving themed interactive games that you can use in your classroom for learning and for fun:

You Are The Historian-Investigating the First Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Dinner:
Arrange the family members so they sit close to the things they like and far away from the things they don't like.

Turkey Swap:
Move the turkeys and pigs to the opposite sides in as few moves as possible.
Thanksgiving Spot the Differences:
Can you find the differences in the two pictures before time runs out?
Thanksgiving Dinner Bounce:
Use the tray to bounce the food from the oven to the table.
Turkey Terminator:
Throw pies to free the turkey from the oven.  Get more pies by answering the math problems correctly.
Too Many Turkeys- Where's Pete?
Can you find Pete?  He's the turkey wearing a bow tie.
Cornucopia Word Search:
The Story of Squanto:
A Weekly Reader interactive story about Squanto and the first Thanksgiving.
Turkey and Dressing:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Punctuation Practice

Here are some interactive games that you can use on your Smartboard to practice punctuation.

BBC's Punctuation Splat:
Choose the correct punctuation and spalt it in the sentence.

BBC's Full Stop Game:
Click on a rope to see a sentence and drag a red stop to the end of the sentence.

Roy the Zebra's Full Stop Game:
Read the sentence and click and drag a snail to where the full stop should be.
Try these other levels too:
The Full Stop Game 2
The Full Stop Game 3
The Full Stop Game 4
The Full Stop Game 5

Roy the Zebra's Advanced Full Stop Game:
Click and drag the snails to where the fulls stops should be.  Use the flower to undo an answer.
Try these other levels too:
Advanced Full Stop Game 2
Advanced Full Stop Game 3
Advanced Full Stop Game 4
Advanced Full Stop Game 5

Roy the Zebra's Question Marks Game:
Collect tools by dragging a looking glass to give a sentence a question mark.
Try these other levels too:
Zed’s Question Mark Game 2
Zed’s Question Mark Game 3
Zed’s Question Mark Game 4
Zed’s Question Mark Game 5

Harcourt's Punctuation Campground:
Click on the sentence where you need to insert punctuation and click the keys to add.
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