Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Solar System Sites

Use these fun and interactive sites to learn about the Solar System:

Virtual Solar System

Sun, Moon, and Earth Orbits

Solar System Facts

Elements in the Universe

How Planets Move in Orbit

Explore the Solar System

Exploring Mars

The Solar System

Planet Pop-Up

Your Weight on Other Planets

Our Solar System

The Planets in Orbit

Thursday, March 11, 2010

InTec InSights Newsletter: March 2010

In this month's newsletter:
Technology Showcase:
Build Your Wild Self
BigHugeLabs: Trading Cards
Interactive Word Games
Personal Learning Networks and Nings
and WebSite Workshop: Homework Calendar

Getting Creative with Glogster ETV Handout

Here is my Glogster handout for my ETV workshop in March, 2010. It will provide you step-by-step directions on using EDU Glogster: setting up a FREE account, getting student accounts, editing and publishing a glog, and commenting on and moderating student glogs.

InTec InSights: February 2010 Newsletter

In this month's newsletter:
Technology Showcase: Smart Response
Are You Technology Proficient?
Animoto: Create Amazing Photo Shows
Interactive Art Sites
Word Magnets for your Smartboard
and WebSite Workshop: Adding Sub-Sections

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