Monday, May 31, 2010

Digital Dialects: Interactive Activities for Teaching World Languages

Digital Dialects is a wonderful resource for world language teachers. It includes language learning games and interactive activities for 59 different languages from Afrikaans to Vietnamese. Most language sections includes activities to learn basic phrases and greetings, numbers, colors, foods, animals, clothing, fruits and vegetables, days and moths, time, and conjugation of basic verbs for that language. Many activities include audio so learners can hear the correct pronunciation of words.

Find Ten

Create your own Smartboard or Interactive White Board activity with Triptico's Find Ten application. You choose the topic and add fifteen possible responses- ten are correct and five are incorrect. This application can be used with any subject. For math you could create an activity to find ten multiples of a number. For social studies your students could find ten state capitals. The possibilities are endless. This application does not allow you to save your activity data online, but you can copy and paste your activity data to a MS Word document, so you can easily
and quickly create an activity when you want to use this application with your class.

Interactive Math Dictionary For Kids

The Math Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather is a fantastic resource to use in your math classroom. Here you will find an easy to use, interactive, alphabetical listing of common math terms used in the primary classroom. Each definition includes images and supporting information to make the term easy to understand.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Interactive Number Squares

Number Squares are useful for teaching various number concepts. Take a look at these online number squares that you can use with your Smartboard:

Users can change the start number, step control, and use the color indicators below each number to mark the tiles to discover patterns and relationships among numbers:

Users can set the start number, step, and number of columns and rows. Use the paint brushes at the bottom to color the number squares.

So many options: Users can choose to display decimals, negative numbers, turn on an interactive column marker, change the number of rows, change colors, hide all, hide and reveal, and change the range of numbers even into the thousands.

Physics Games has 200+ games based on the properties of physics. Your students will have fun stacking, constructing, demolishing, and problem solving while playing. If you don't teach physics, these activities would be fun morning or indoor recess activities if you have an interactive white board. Thanks to Tech:-)Happy for sharing this site.

Rainbow Multiplication

Rainbow Multiplication is a new application by Teacher LED. It was created to help students to visualize sets and patterns in multiplication.

First, choose a multiplier on the sun, then click or touch the bottom of the screen just above the scroll bar to make the multiples appear. Students can predict the next number, as the next rainbow will not appear until the screen is clicked again. As the multipliers appear, the counting raindrops will appear to reinforce the sets. If you click and drag the scroll bar at the bottom to the left, it will advance so you can see more multipliers.

This is just one of the many great interactive resources that Teacher LED has to use with your Smartboard or Interactive White Board.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shape Collage for Photos

Shape Collage makes fun photo collages in any shape. Simply download the Shape Collage software and start adding your photos. Then you choose what shape to display your photo collage. Choose from standard shapes or draw your own. Once complete you can save it and share it. Display your collage on your website, social networking sites, or add it to your classroom newsletter. Learn more about Shape Collage on YouTube.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tessellation Creator

The Tessellation Creator is an online application to study the repeating patterns of polygons. This would be a fun activity to do on the Smartboard. Students just click and drag the shapes from the top menu to the workspace. If two flat surfaces are placed against one another, the shapes will "snap" together. The toolbar on the left will allow the user to erase, group, resize, break apart, and color the items in the workspace.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Get Creative with Glogster

Are you interested in learning more about Glogster EDU? Check out my glog about Glogster that is below. Explore the glog to learn why you should be using Glogster in your classroom and click to link to web sites, documents, and videos to support the use of Glogster. You will learn that Glogster EDU is a fun, creative, innovative way for teachers to share classroom content and for students to show what they know!

End of Year Review Games for the Smartboard

Keeping your students engaged and learning at the end of the school year can be difficult. But, with the Smart Exchange library of resources you can easily find, download, and use templates to create review games and activities for your students. Choose from fun Smart Notebook lessons like Jeopardy, Classroom Feud, Deal or No Deal, and the always fun- Koosh Ball! If you don't have time to edit the templates, search for a ready made game that reflects your classroom curriculum.

Learning Letters and Numbers with Fridge Magnets

Learning letters and numbers will be interactive and fun with this Fridge Magnets application from Awen Media. Download this application on your computer and use it on your Smartboard. Your students will be motivated to identify their letters and to write short words by moving the interactive letters to the workspace. Do you need to practice math? Drag the numbers in the workspace and add math symbols with your Smartboard pens to create math problems.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Read the Words- Text to Speech Application

Read the Words is an online text-to-speech generator that you can use to simply read text or you can create recorded text for playback from documents, web sites, or RSS feeds. Once you create an audio file, you can download it (in .mp3 format), embed it in a webpage with a talking avatar, create a podcast, or e-mail it to someone.

Read the Words is a useful application for education because audio prompts are useful for many learners; especially ESL students or learners with special needs. If a student has trouble reading independently, you can simply copy and paste text into the box and the text will be read to them. Or, you can upload and convert entire documents or webpages to audio for your students. You can use these audio files on your classroom websites, in PowerPoint presentations, or in SMART Notebook files.

Click here to learn more about Read the Words.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Smart Notebook Express

I know several teachers that like to use Smart Notebook files with their students to share information, lessons and links. With the Smart Notebook Express online application, your students don't need to have the Smart Notebook software to view, interact with, and even edit a Smart Notebook file. Now your students can even use Smart Notebook files at home or on Netbooks. Just open the Smart Notebook Express website and open your saved file from the computer or flash drive. Students and teachers can even create Smart Notebook files (with a limited selection of basic tools).

Monday, May 17, 2010

Use Classroom Architect To Map Out Your Classroom

Do you need to leave a map of your classroom so the summer staff knows where everything goes after summer cleaning is done? Are you looking to reorganize your classroom space for next year? Try the Classroom Architect application to create your floor plan.

You can set your room dimensions, add standard furniture and fixtures, and you can even draw your own fixtures. When you are finished, save or print your floor plan.

Are your students required to create a map of a room? Let them use this program, too!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

National Geographic for Kids: Creature Feature

Learning about animals, habitats, or ecosystems? National Geographic's Creature Feature is a great place to start research or to learn more about wildlife. This page provides links to information on 95 different animals from all over the world. Each animal section provides facts and photos, a video and sound clip, a map showing where the animal lives, and a printable collectors card with facts. This site is made for elementary students and provides information that is easy to read and understand.

National Geographic for Kids: People and Places

Learning about other countries and cultures? Check out National Geographics People and Places section for kids. There is information on 39 different countries and each section includes facts and photos, a video, a map, and a printable collector's card with facts. This site is created for elementary students and is easy to read, understand, and navigate. Plus the photos and video will will engage your students and help them to understand the diversity and culture of other countries.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Kelly's Kindergarten PowerPoint Songs

Kelly's Kindergarten is a great site for Kindergarten resources, but the best resource is her extensive collection of PowerPoints to accompany Dr. Jean and Jack Hartmann songs that kindergarten or preschool teachers use daily in the classroom.

These PowerPoints include song lyrics and images that are timed to the music so your students can learn to read while they sing along. So as not to violate copyright, Kelly does not include the actual songs with the PowerPoints. You must purchase the CDs yourself and then link the music to the PowerPoint. Scroll to the bottom of the PowerPoint page for Kelly's easy to follow directions on adding the music.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Virtual Math Manipulatives for K-4

This virtual math manipulative tool by Glencoe is a great tool to use with your Smartboard. Get your students interacting with many math backgrounds and manipulatives that are commonly used in K-4 classrooms including: bar diagrams, calendars, grids, equation charts, number lines, place value charts and all the markers, counters, game pieces, money images, blocks, and clocks that you will need. Thanks to @mmorley for sharing this great tool on Twitter.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wild Earth

If you love animals or are teaching a unit on animals or habitats, you will love This is a site that streams mostly live video of animals in their natural habitats from several sites around the world. You can even chat with other viewers while watching the action.

Most notable is the live safari feed from Africa. A safari guide and cameraman in go on safari daily to look for animals. If you use Twitter and follow WildEarth (@WildEarth) they post updates when they have found interesting animals. (Please Note: This is a LIVE video feed. WildEarth does not edit the video. You will be watching live animals doing what they do in nature which may possibly include hunting and killing or mating. Use caution with young students or preview archived video to share if you are concerned about live content.)

I also enjoy the Pennsylvania woods channel. Their system of cameras have motion sensors that turn on when there is movement. If you miss a live feed, you can always view an archived video.

Monday, May 3, 2010

How To Use Flip Cameras in the Classroom

Flip Cameras are easy and fun to use in the classroom to document student learning and to share learning experiences. Videos can be viewed in the classroom and published for parents and the community*. This presentation by @rmbyrne, author of Free Technology for Teachers, has many great ideas for using video cameras in the classroom:

If you need more information on Flip Cameras or ideas, visit Mrs. Nelson's Technology Education- Flip Camera Resources or 43 Interesting Ways to Use Your Pocket Video Camera in the Classroom.
*Make sure your students have media permissions before publishing videos.

Using YouTube Videos in the Classroom

Have you found a great YouTube video that you would like to use in your classroom? Here are some ways that you can use that YouTube video in the classroom without going to the YouTube site with your students:

Download the Video:
YouTube videos can be downloaded by using Zamzar, KickYouTube, or SaveVid. With Zamzar, you enter the URL (web address of the video), choose the format, and enter your email address. The converted video will be sent to your email account and you can save the video locally. With KickYouTube, just add the word "kick" to the URL of the video you need. (Ex: Choose from MP3, FLV, or 3G formats to download. Use SaveVid and you can also paste the URL and download the video.

Embed the Video in Your Web Site:
Another option is to embed the YouTube video in your personal web page. Just look for the embed code under the YouTube video and copy/paste the code into the HTML editor of your web page.

Play the Video in an Online Player:
If you don't have time or the need to download a video, but you would like to share it in the classroom, try SafeShare.TV or Theeter. Just copy and paste the YouTube video URL to one of these sites and the YouTube video will be embedded in an online player- free of YouTube's ads and links. SafeShare.TV even allows you to crop videos, removing ads at the beginning or end of videos.

Other options:
Still worried about content? Try searching school-friendly video sites like TeacherTube, SchoolTube, Edublogs.TV or WatchKnow for videos that have been shared by other educators.
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