Thursday, May 6, 2010

Virtual Math Manipulatives for K-4

This virtual math manipulative tool by Glencoe is a great tool to use with your Smartboard. Get your students interacting with many math backgrounds and manipulatives that are commonly used in K-4 classrooms including: bar diagrams, calendars, grids, equation charts, number lines, place value charts and all the markers, counters, game pieces, money images, blocks, and clocks that you will need. Thanks to @mmorley for sharing this great tool on Twitter.


  1. Thank you for posting this. I am new to finding ways to integrate technology at the primary level. Do you find there are many things to use at the primary leve? I teach kindergarten and use manipulatives in my classroom. I bookmarked this site and plan to look over it during the summer. I currently use the old fashion way of hold up everything and hope the students can see. I don't have a Smartboard, but have technology that can project the internet off a laptop. I sometimes limit integration of technology to just a computer. When I do think of things I can use in a classroom, it seems more appropriate for middle/high school level. I am excited to find new ways to teach students and communicate with parents. Thanks again for the site!

  2. Tracy,
    I work with PreK-5 teachers and I have many great sites and tools to share for primary educators. Check back often or subscibe via RSS. I'm glad you can use the math manipulatives and I am glad to have you as a follower!


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