Saturday, June 12, 2010

Subscribing to Blogs and Sites with Google Reader

If you like learning from blogs, online newsletters, news sites, or other sites that update their content often, you should use a reader to easily keep up to date with new information. Google Reader is the reader that I use to subscribe to my favorite blogs and sites. There are several readers that you can choose from, but I find Google Reader very easy to use.

Google Reader uses RSS to find all of the newest blog posts and articles from your subscribed sites and shows them in one place, in your reader. The reader enables you to quickly scan or read new content from several blogs and sites. If you use Google Reader, you no longer have to visit individual sites to check for updates.

Learn more by watching these videos about Google Reader and RSS:

Now that you understand more about Google Reader and RSS, use Google Reader to subscribe to my blog and others that you enjoy.
1. Go to Google Reader.
2. Sign in or create an account.
3. Add the InTec Insights site and other blogs or sites by clicking the "add a subscription" button at the top left.

4. Or, click the RSS feed button from a blog or site and choose Google Reader.

5. Now all you will need to do is visit Google Reader daily to see if any of your blogs or sites have posted new content!


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