Monday, June 14, 2010

US Government Games

I recently learned about two exciting US Government online activities from Kelly Tenkely's Blog: iLearn Technology. I wanted to pass along those great finds along with some other interactive sites and activities that you can use when studying US Government:

American Symbols
Identify the meanings of US symbols:

Drag the leaves to the correct branch of government:

No games, just easy to read and easy to understand information about government for your students. The information is written for three levels: elementary, middle, and high school. Click the tabs at the top right to change your grade level:

Your students will need to prove that they are good candidates as they run for Congress against an opponent that wants to get rid movies, books, and kids video games.

Best for middle schools students, choose from several games where students need to make decisions as members of the Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, or Legislative Branch.

Students will campaign for the presidency:

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  1. American symbols is a new one for me, I'll add it to my collection :) Thanks Karen!


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