Sunday, July 18, 2010

Creating Questions Dice

Triptico's Creating Questions Dice will promote higher level thinking skills in your classroom.  Roll the virtual question dice during your lesson to create questions relating to your lesson or content.  The red die includes the words who, where, when, why, what, and how and the blue die includes the words are, did, does, is, was and were. These dice could be used as a motivational activity to prepare students for the lesson by generating questions that the students are curious about before the lesson begins or to begin creating a KWL chart.  The dice can also be used to check understanding during or after a lesson by having students answer a question and reflect on what was learned.  The dice can be used for a variety of subject areas and content including language arts, reading, science, and history.

1 comment:

  1. I love using these dice! They are wonderful for reviewing reading. I also use these on classroom computers as a center. Students go to the center in groups and roll the dice and use to guide discussion around reading.


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