Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jamestown Adventures

Your students will enjoy learning about Jamestown and colonists with these interactive activities:

On The Trail of Captain John Smith: A Jamestown Adventure:
Follow the story of Captain John Smith as he lands in Virginia, builds a fort, gets captured, learns from the Native Americans, and explores the Chesapeake.  This interactive adventure has a video and mini-game for each section to keep your students engaged.

The Jamestown Online Adventure:
As captain of the Jamestown Colony you must make decisions to keep your colony and settlers fed, safe, thriving, and happy.


  1. I just came across the first site a few days ago. The sites would be great to use together with elementary students learning about Jamestown and the colonies.

  2. This is a pretty good site. I actually used it a couple of years ago with 8th graders! It was a good review for those struggling learners. Because you have to make the correct decisions in order to continue on the right path, my students could see the downside of making poor decisions. They learned that it wasn't easy as an early settler.


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