Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Memoov Animated Video Creator

Memoov is an online editor that will allow your students to create animated videos in minutes. Start by choosing a background and then add characters and objects. Simply click on a character or object to change the movement. Students can choose the character's expression and movement. They can also click the "speak" button to make the character talk. This will open the microphone interface and the student can record what they want the character to say. Students can select objects and move them to create animation, too. To finish a scene, choose a background sound if you'd like and record the animated video. The "Save and Produce" button will automatically save the animated video to Memoov's own YouTube channel for easy sharing.

This application does require an e-mail address to sign up for an account and to save a video. There are no options for creating student accounts. However, Memoov is a wonderful, easy to use animator that you can use in the classroom for digital storytelling. Consider using a teacher created account for your students or make videos as a class by using this application on the Smartboard or IWB.


  1. I'd recommend checking out Myths & Legends which does allow for teachers to create student accounts. These stories are being filtered...

  2. My students love creating stories with tools like this! Meemov is a fun tool. Another suggestion for use with students who don't have an email address is to create a few class accounts connected to a class email address (I create a few class email addresses every year) and having students save their animations with their first name and class number. Works great for me!


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