Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Arcademic Skill Builders Games

Arcademic Skill Builders is a great site with quality educational games for the classroom.  I recently visited the site and found that they had added several new games. Here are a few of the new games to try on your Smartboard:

Penguin Jump Multiplication:
Up to 4 players can try to get their penguin back to the homeland first.  Players jump on the icebergs that has the correct answer to the multiplication problems.

Kitten Match:
In this mutiplayer game, students grab yarn balls with their kittens that add up to the given number.

Ratio Stadium:
Up to 4 players can race their bikes.  Try to win by clicking the correct answer to power the bike.  The more answers you get correct, the faster you will go.

Turtle Dash:
In this mutiplayer game, the student clicks the correct missing letters to create a word.  The first turtle to finish line wins.

Spelling Bees:
Build your beehive before the other players.  Listen to the word and then collect the correct letters to spell the word.  The first bee to complete the hive wins.


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