Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rocks and Minerals

Learn about rocks and minerals and the processes that create them with these interactive activities:

Burke Museum Rocks and Minerals:
Learn the characteristics of minerals.

BBC Rocks and Soil:
Test the characteristics of several types of rock.

The Rock Cycle by McGraw Hill:
Learn how rocks change.

The Rock Cycle by Interactives:
Create a rock collection as you learn about the three main types of rock, find out how to tell the different rock types apart, and see how rocks change from one type into another!

Rocks and Weathering:
An interactive video to see how rocks are formed.

Who Am I? Rock Game:
Use the clues to determine the type of rock.


  1. These are absolutely awesome, I only knew about the Rocks and Minerals Cycle Interactives site. What a delight to discover the rest of these! Our 3rd grade students learn about Rocks and Minerals every year and this should make it a lot of fun. Thanks!

  2. Awesome resources! I sent these to my teachers at school :) Thanks for putting this together!

  3. It is so nice collections to minerals.Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Hey--I just wanted to say hi and tell you how wonderful I think your blog is. I am a latecomer, unfortunately--but I will keep a close eye on it, now that I have found it. Take care, and thanks for all of the awesome information!
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