Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Typing and Keyboarding Practice Games

Here are some fun keyboarding sites for your students to use to practice typing skills:

Typing Defense:
Type the words on the asteroids to save planet Earth.

Cup Stacking:
Type the letters on the cups.

Typing Adventure:
Type the letters to climb and discover treasures.

Dance Mat Typing:

Keys Game:
Learn to find keys on the keyboard:

Find keys on the keyboard and associate letters with sound and images.

Typing Bubbles:
Type the letter in the bubbles.

A pacman game, but you must type the letters to change directions and avoid the bad guys.

Destroy the color block sections by typing the letter.

Super Hyper Spider Typer:
Zap the chameleons before they reach the spider.

Find the Letter:

The Magic Library:
Type the letters on the falling books.

Type 'Em Up:
Shoot the attacking enemies by typing the letters.

1 comment:

  1. What a fun collection! I have collected my typing resources for students here:, thanks to you, I have new resources to add!


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