Friday, October 8, 2010

Glogster as a Teaching Tool

Glogster EDU is one of my favorite tools for students.  But, did you realize that Glogster EDU is also a great teaching tool?  Here are some great reasons for teachers to create educational glogs:

*Glogs can contain many types of media.  Students will learn through text, images, audio, video, and links to other web based content.
*Glogs are visual and the bright, fun look of a glog will engage and interest students.
*A teacher can create a learning tool for students that relates directly to the curriculum.  The teacher has control over what media and links to share with students, keeping them on track with their learning.
*Glogs can be created for any subject or topic.  Teachers can upload their own images and videos or record their own audio.  Users are not limited to the resources provided in the Glogster EDU application. 
*Once a glog is created, the teacher can use it on a SmartBoard or embed it in their web page or wiki.  Teachers can also access the glog through a direct URL.
*Students will be able to view teacher created glogs from home.  They can use the glog for homework or as a review.
*Teachers can create glogs from school or home because the application is entirely Internet based.
*If teachers share content through glogs it will motivate and excite students to create their own glogs to show what they know.

Here are some examples of how glogs can be used to share curricular content and classroom information.  Hold your mouse over the Glogster EDU logo and click View Full Size to open the glog as a full page:

Math- Learning About Squares:
Science- Force and Motion:
Poetry- Inspired by Images:

Reading- Long Vowel Sounds:
Social Studies- The 14th Amendment:Reading- Frog and Toad:

Science- Air Pollution:
About the Class- Meet the 4th Graders:To Share Sites and Tools- Web 2.0:

Be sure to also check out the Glogpedia, Glogster EDU's showcase of great glogs.

Do you want to get started with Glogster?  Set up a FREE teacher account at
You can also view my Glogster handout to learn how to use Glogster.

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  1. Awesome examples of how to use a glog as a teaching tool! Thanks for the reminder that teachers can use Glogster as a way to record and guide learning for students.


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