Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Halloween Interactive Games

Update: Find even MORE Halloween games for the classroom on my updated site by clicking here!

Here are some Halloween themed interactive games that you can use in your classroom for learning and for fun:

Candy Corn Math:
Find the matching pairs.

Trick or Treat Route:
Click the houses in sequence to choose the shortest route.
Candy Cards:
Try to clear all of the cards.  Click a card that has a matching picture next to it and the set will disappear and reveal the new cards below.
Castle Dracula:
Use words to describe the castle.
Pick a Pumpkin:
Young students will enjoy interacting with this story.
Halloween, Halloween, What Do You See?:
Read along with this online book.
Pumpkin Patch Match:
Try to find all of the matching symbols.
Halloween Dress Up Game:
Select makeup, eyes, hair, and clothes to dress the child for Halloween.  Use this activity as a story starter.
Ghost Blasters:
Choose a multiple and blast the ghosts that have numbers of that multiple.
Spooky Sequences:
Find the missing number when counting by 5's.
Find other Ghost Blaster and Spooky Sequences games using different numbers on the Oswego School District Interactive Games site.
Witch's Stew Interactive Story:
Cobweb Creator:
Play with lines, arcs, shapes, and color while creating a cobweb.
Garfield's Scary Scavenger Hunt:
Find all the goodies hidden in the haunted house.  Search for things that will help you to find the goodies.  Click on items to pick them up.  Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move around.
Pumpkin Carving:
Use these sites to create your own jack-o-lantern.  Use your creations as story starters or to talk about describing words.
NCS Tech Carve A Pumpkin:
ABCYa Click and Drag Pumpkin:
Spookathon's Carve a Pumpkin:
All Hallow's Eve Pumpkin:


  1. Great collection, I am loving the trick or treat route game, what a great way for students to practice math and planning skills in a fun way!

  2. Thanks for these links. There are definitely some great activities here.

  3. Awesome links!! I took some new ones from you, you may want to take some from me. :)

  4. Great links. These are fun Halloween games too:

  5. You have great collection of games which help the kids to learn math, English etc. I think kids like to play games instead to read the book. These type of games are helpful for the kids. I would like to say Thanks for sharing it. I also searching a website for my kids regarding Math games then i find a website like this Learn Math Online

  6. Thank you! Our kids are having fun and learning new things . This looks like so much fun for them.

    fun Activities for Kids


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