Tuesday, October 5, 2010

iSpring Free Powerpoint to Flash Converter

The iSpring free converter is one of my favorite tools.  Download this program and you can quickly and easily convert any PowerPoint file into a Flash (.swf) video. When your PowerPoint file is converted it will still include all of your transitions, animations, special effects, audio, and video from your original file.  Converting a PowerPoint file makes it simple to share you PowerPoint project on your web site or in a blog.  The free iSpring converter also works with Slideboom to automatically upload and store your presentations on the web if you don't wish to place them on your own web site. 


  1. Neat, does it still include links within the PowerPoint? I'm thinking this could be a good way for kids to create a choose your own adventure story or teacher made learning game.

  2. Mrs. Tenkely, ispring Free keeps internal and external links. Triggers are supported too.


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