Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Weather Activities

Here are some fun, interactive activities to learn about weather and weather reporting:

Weather Flash:
Read the weather forecast and click and drag the correct weather symbols to the map.

EdHead's Report the Weather and Predict the Weather:
Practice reporting the weather with these two activities.  Choose Report the Weather to place the correct weather symbols on the map.  Choose Predict the Weather to learn how to use current conditions and to look at warm and cold fronts to predict future weather.

Scholastic's Interactive Weather Maker:
Mix the equatorward temperature, the poleward temperature and the relative humidity to change the weather.

Weather: Looking at the Sky:
Use observation skills to determine the weather outside.

Study Jams: Weather and Climate:
Watch videos and sing songs about science and math topics including weather.

What's The Weather?
Have fun reporting today's weather by choosing the sky color, cloud cover, precipitation, wind, and suggested clothing to match today's conditions.


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