Tuesday, March 15, 2011

JogLab: Create Mnemonics or Acrostics

Looking for a fun way to remember facts?  Have your students create a mnemonic with JogLab.  What is a mnemonic?  JogLab says, "A mnemonic is a weird and wonderful phrase to aid learning and recall of information. Usually the first letters of a crazy but memorable phrase created from your imagination match the first letters of each of keywords that you'd like to remember."  For example, I learned the order of the colors of the rainbow by remembering ROY G BIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet).

To create your own mnemonic phrase, just type the first letter of each word you need to remember, in order, in the colorful boxes.  Select words from the center box to start creating your mnemonic phrase.  Do you need a noun?  Click the cog icon below the word list to order words by parts of speech.  As you select words, your mnemonic phrase is created below.  You can also edit a word or type your own word in the small box at the bottom of each colorful box if you don't see a word you'd like to use.

Try JogLab for creating acrostic poems, too!  Thanks to the Instructify blog for sharing this great new resource.


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