Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flipsnack: Create Online Flipping Books

I am always looking for new ways to publish student work on teacher websites and on my blog.  I was excited to learn about Flipsnack from one of my favorite blogs,

Flipsnack is a new application that will make an online flipping book (with turning pages) from your student work in minutes!  Just create a .PDF document from your student work and upload it.  Flipsnack creates an embeddable code that you can then place in your website or blog or share online via Facebook or Twitter.

You can create flip books for FREE using this tool, but the book will be limited to16 pages and there will be a watermark over the image.  It also looks as if you will be limited to creating three flip books with the free version.

Don't have a .PDF converter?  Try Cute PDF Writer.  It is a free application that will convert your documents to .PDF through a print interface.  Once installed you click FILE and PRINT, but instead of choosing a printer, you choose the Cute PDF Converter and your document will be saved to a .PDF file.

Here is an example of a Flipsnack Flipping Book that I created for a teacher:


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