Sunday, October 9, 2011

Show Off Your Best Glogs

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Glogster EDU is one of my favorite tools for the classroom.  Glogster EDU is an online application that creates online, multimedia posters called glogs.  The application is easy to use and my students love the creative process of creating a glog.  Glogster EDU can be used to create a poster on any topic because the user can choose from provided graphics or upload their own.  Above is a Glogster EDU Presentation.  All glogs can be shared by URL or by embedding the project in a website, blog, or wiki, but the Presentation Tool allows users to create an interactive, rotating visual of any glogs that you choose to present.  The glogs can be those that you or your students have created, but can also include any glogs that are saved publically, such as those above.  The glogs featured here were created by various users and represent some of the best glogs created for education.  Note: The Presentation feature is only available to users that have a Teacher Premium or School Premium account. 

Would you like to try the features of a Teacher Premium account for FREE for 21 days and receive a discounted Teacher Premium license?  Send me your contact info through the comments box below.  I am a Glogster Ambassador.


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