Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fun and Educational Widgets for Your Classroom Web Site or Blog

What is a widget?
Widgets are small applications that can be placed on your web site or blog to add interactivity and interest for your students, parents, and peers.  Widgets are usually added in the sidebar.  Here are examples of some widgets that you could add to your educational web page or blog: Activities widget:
You choose your grade level and subject and the widget publishes changing activities that your students can do at home.  Check out the other widgets including the Worksheet Widget, Just Ask Q and A Generator, and the Science Fair Ideas Widget. Activities


Math Whiz Scientific Calculator:

This Day in History:

Shelfari: Publish your Booklists:

Clustr Maps for Visitor Statistics:
Get a dot on the map when visitors come to your site. Talking Avatar:


Reading Rockets: Reading Tip of the Day:

There are so many more great widgets available for your site. Try checking out or try searching the web for specific widgets!  Remember not to choose too many widgets for your site, you don't want to clutter it up- make sure your site content is still prominent.


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