Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Grockit Answers: Learning Through Video

Grockit Answers is a new way for your students to learn with YouTube videos.  Grockit Answers allows any user to create a questions and answers session that is synced to the video as it plays.

How can you use Grockit Answers in the classroom:

  • The teacher could create a video session that students could watch for homework.  Questions would appear at key moments in the video and students would need to answer based on what they learn in the video.  Answers can be submitted on the Grockit video page or students could also turn in answers separately.  
  • Students could be assigned specific videos based on the classroom curriculum and they could post questions that they may have about the content.  Then the teacher or other students could post answers to help the student to better understand the content.  
  • The teacher could play the Grockit Answers video for the entire class.  The teacher would then have the questions and pauses automatically set up for classroom discussion.
Here is an example of Grockit Answers with a YouTube video about Martin Luther King Jr.


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