Thursday, February 2, 2012

PhotoPeach Creates Interactive Assessments

Last week at the FETC (Florida Educational Technology Conference) I attended a session about online tools that can be used for assessment by Kyle Schutt of Discovery Education. Although I have used PhotoPeach before, I had forgotten that the program had the ability to create a quiz from your images.  This makes PhotoPeach a great assessment tool.  

Simply upload your photos to, choose a title and music, and then edit your finished slideshow to add captions.  One of the captions options is to add a quiz.  You type a question and provide three possible answers, marking the one that is correct.  A question can be added to each image in your slideshow if you wish.  Your finished slideshow can be embedded on your website so that students can review independently in class or at home.  Or, you can play the video on your SmartBoard or interactive whiteboard as a whole group assessment.  Have students take turns going up to the board and choosing the correct answer.  Assessment can be fun!


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