Friday, September 28, 2012

What's The Buzz? Find out with DoodleBuzz!

Give your students a new way to investigate current events with DoodleBuzz.  DoodleBuzz is a visual way to explore the news.  Type in a topic and then draw a line (straight, wavy, curvy, or crazy) and watch the news stories pop up around your drawn line.  Do you want to know more about a story?  Draw another line from that story to get excepts and more information.

Join Me Virtually At Polar Bear Camp

In just a little over a week I will leaving on an amazing adventure to learn about polar bears in their natural habitat.  I will be spending a week with zookeepers and other educators on a tundra buggy outside of Churchill, Canada to work with experts to learn about polar bears and how conservation efforts can help their declining habitat. 
I invite you and your class to learn with me before, during, and after my adventure.  I have created a website,  My Polar Bear Leadership Camp Experience, where I will write a diary, share my tweets, where students will be able to share information and ask questions, I will share polar bear information, and I share how you can help save the polar bear’s habitat.  You and your students can start learning and contributing now.   I am looking forward to sharing my adventure with all of you!

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