Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to Connect Your iPad to Your SMARTboard

Updated 9/13/16

When you are teaching with iPads in the classroom you will want to share you iPad screen with the students to model apps and to share student work.  There are several ways to do this:

Direct connection:
 Purchase a VGA Connector (Dongle) that directly connects the iPad to the SMARTboard through the existing VGA connection that you usually use to connect your computer. 
Pros: Quick to connect anywhere, anytime.
Cons: You have limited mobility and the cords disconnect easily.
Apple VGA Connector

Mirroring Apps: Reflection and AirServer
Purchase a mirroring app that will wirelessly stream the apps, images, videos, and audio from your phone, iPod, or iPad onto your computer, which you can then display on your SMARTboard.
Pros: Lets you freely walk around and use your iPad to teach while presenting.
Cons: May require some setup and permissions by school level tech departments because of firewalls.  Only works with iPad2+.
Reflector and Air Server

Apple TV:
The Apple TV mirrors your iPad to your SMARTboard wirelessly through the projector so you can stream apps, images, videos, and audio.
Pros: Lets you walk around and freely use your iPad to teach.  Portable and can be shared with other teachers.
Cons: Expensive, may need an extra converter (HDMI to VGA) to work, and tech help may be needed to connect.
Apple TV

For a few more ways to connect, check out: 4 Easy & Secure Ways to Record Screen Videos on iPhone or iPad: A Comparative Guide


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