Saturday, December 1, 2012

iPad Lesson: Animal Reports with FaceTalker

Click to play this Smilebox collage

My students LOVE to make things talk with the FaceTalker App (FREE), so when I heard that 3rd grade was doing animal reports I knew that we needed to make their animals talk about themselves. 

Students completed their research and wrote their scripts from the perspective of the animal prior to working with the iPads.  Then, with the iPads, students did a search on the Internet for an image of their animal.  The image needs to be front-facing with a closed mouth.  This image was saved to the camera roll.  (Save images from the Internet by holding your finger on the image until a menu pops up and touch "Save Image".) 

Next, the students imported the image into the FaceTalker App, and then with a little pinching and pulling they size the image and add the mouth.  Then it is time to record, save, and send to the teacher when complete!

I created a SmileBox to share all of the students' completed FaceTalker projects.  SmileBox is a great way to share them all in one place and it looks great on the teacher's website, too.  Learn more about SmileBox at (Hint: Look for a FREE educator's account at the bottom of the page under Teacher's Toolbox!).


  1. Would you please send me more specific directions how you put them together in Smile Box? I am now to SmileBox, and I don'thave time to play with it to figure it out. Thanks!!

  2. I know how- you choose 'collage' and then the number of pictures you want and then put the videos in the 'bank' on the side. Then drag to insert each one. Awesome!


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