Wednesday, December 5, 2012

iPad Lesson: Native American Video Reports with Videolicious

The fourth grade teachers wanted a unique way for their students to present what the students had learned about Native American tribes.  I suggested that they use Videolicious to present the students' research.  However, this project was not created without some problems.  I spent two 45 minute sessions with the 4th grade classes to complete this project with them.

In the first session, I worked with students to help them to locate and save images to be used in their Videolicious video.  The students needed to find a minimum of six pictures as their research included six main facts about the Native American tribe that they were researching.  The research was completed with the classroom teacher prior to me working with the students. 
In the second session, I instructed the students how to use Videolicious to import their images and to record their research facts.  Students spread about the room and began to work on their own.  PROJECT LESSON #1: Videolicious allows up to 10 images in one recording session; however it usually freezes if you use more than 4.  PROJECT LESSON #2: Videolicious (FREE) only allows 1 minute of recording time!  Oops!  New directions- since we already had started using Videolicious, students would record their projects in multiple parts.

Finally, projects complete!  But now since projects had to be recorded in multiple parts, I had to combine them in Windows Movie Maker.  Next time I might consider using PixnTell (FREE) which seems to have an unlimited recording time, but only allows 4 images.  Or, Storyrobe (.99) has a 3 minute recording time limit, but allows more images. 

Image only, play above:

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