Thursday, January 10, 2013


I wish I knew about this site the last time I used tables to create bingo boards.  Bingo Baker easily creates random bingo cards for you.  You just put in the words and click generate- that's it!  You have just created 8 random cards that will be printed in a .pdf document for you.  If you need more cards, you could sign up for a yearly $9.99 account- cheap!  (Or you could just enter the words again- you didn't hear that from me.)

EdCanvas: Create and Deliver Digital Lessons

EdCanvas is an interesting site that allows educators to create online lessons.  This creation tool allows you to gather videos, images, documents, and text from the Internet and from your computer to create a lesson.  If you don't have resources already, you can search and build your lessons from Google, YouTube, and Flickr.  If you do have resources, you can upload them from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or access your Bookmarks.  Check out this awesome lesson example about photosynthesis.
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