Friday, March 15, 2013

iPad Lesson: Story Retelling with the FaceTalker App

One of the Kindergarten teachers that I work with was looking for a fun way to retell the story of The Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly using technology.  It is always fun to record the students telling their stories in kindergarten, but this time I decided we could add a bit of a twist to our usual recording projects and record with the Facetalker App on the iPad.  The Facetalker app allows the student to place a mouth on any object and make it talk in the student's voice.

The Kindergarten teacher had each student draw a picture of something that the old lady would swallow in their retelling of the story.  Then the kindergarten teacher and I worked together using several iPads to capture the images and student recordings.  We first placed an old lady cutout next to their drawn image and took a picture within the app.  With the student's help, we added the mouth to the old lady, and then we helped the student to record.  The videos were created, emailed to the teacher, and then combined together in Windows Movie Maker to create the final project.

The kindergarten students love watching their new book that they created with the iPads.


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