Wednesday, March 27, 2013

iPad Lesson: Sun and Moon with Tellagami

The first grade students had a blast recording their facts about the sun and moon with the FREE Tellagami app on the iPad.  Their teacher wanted a new way for the students to present the information that they had researched for their astronomy unit.  I suggested Tellagami and it was a go!  The students colored their own backgrounds to represent the facts that they were going to convey in their recording.  Next, with the app, the students captured a picture of their drawing for the background and created their character.  In a quieter space, the students recorded themselves reading their facts that they had already prepared.  

All of the completed videos were emailed to the teacher and were compiled together using Windows Movie Maker.  The students loved watching their avatars doing the talking for them.  Success!

1 comment:

  1. Great post--quick question-- how did you get the bird's eye view? My Gami looks straight ahead. I like the birds eye view for the kiddos because the gami looks more childlike.
    K Parone


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