Friday, September 13, 2013

Screencasting in Your Classroom

What is a screencast?  It is a digital, narrated recording of what is happening on your screen.

What can you do with screencasting software?
-Create training videos for your staff or students.  Show them how to use a software, a website, or an app on the iPad.
-Take screen captures for training documents or web sites.
-Flip your classroom.  Create content videos for your students.
-Have students record themselves solving problems on an educational website and then post them on your teacher site or blog.
-Do you have a student presentation that you would like in video format to publish on your site?  Make a screencast of it! 
-Digital storytelling.  Students can voice-over images or videos to tell a story.

Screencasts are easy to create with some FREE software.  Here are my favorites:

-Download the free software or record directly from the site.
-Record up to 15 minutes.
-Allows web cam picture in recording.
-Can save to local computer in .MP4, .FLV, or .AVI format or upload to YouTube.

-Record directly from the site.
-Record up to 5 minutes.
-Log in with your Facebook, Google, Twitter, or other Social Network logins.
-Once saved to Screenr's server, you can download in .MP4 format or upload to YouTube.
-Embed code is also provided so you can embed the video in your site or blog.

-Download the software to your computer.
-Record up to 5 minutes.
-Has a Screen Capture tool for capturing still images instead of video.
-Host your videos free online (up to 2G) or save to your computer.
-Videos are saved to your computer in .SWF (Shockwave Flash) format.
-The standard Jing buttons alow you to upload your video to the server and provides you with a URL that you can share.
-By editing the standard Jing buttons, you can also get an embed code, upload to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr.  Here is a video on how to edit the standard buttons.

Screencasting an iPad app:
When I want to to screencast from my iPad, I first mirror my iPad on my computer using Air Server.  With the Air Server receiver I am able to see and interact with my iPad screen on my computer.  Then I just use any screencasting tool to capture my video.

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  1. Screenr gets my vote - I have recorded over 100 screencasts with it - wonderful!


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