Friday, October 18, 2013

iPad Lesson: Educreations Math for Kindergarten

This week I worked with the Kindergarten classes to help the teachers integrate technology and math with their students.  In Kindergarten, the students are typically using the iPads with content based apps to practice letter recognition, writing, and basic math, but I wanted the students to use the iPad as a creation tool just like the older students do in my schools.
The students were working on CC standard K.MD.A.2 to describe and compare measurable attributes in which they compare to see which group has more than or less than.  The students first used the app Make A Scene: Farmyard (FREE) to create a picture with two groups of animals, one with a greater number than the other.  Then the images were pulled into the Educreations (FREE) app for students to record their math stories.  In the Educreations video that we published, you can see the students circling their groups of animals, counting the animals in each group and stating which group is greater or less. 
This was a fun and educational way to make a product that shows each student working on their math skills.  This same activity can be used to practice and show mastery of different math skills including addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

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  1. I like this idea - thanks for sharing. I will use this with my Kinder classes during tech time. I am an IT integrator in Malaysia working with K-2 students. Cheers, Tim


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