Monday, October 21, 2013

iPad Lesson: Shadow Puppet Books

Shadow Puppet is an app that creates a slideshow with narration.  This is a great app for both students and teachers to use in the classroom.  Using the app is simple- you just add the images that you want in your slideshow and then record yourself speaking on each image.  There are even some fun special effects you can use while recording: tap the screen to add a highlight or pinch/pull your image to zoom in/out on items in the image.  Use this app in the classroom for:
-Explaining a topic
-Publishing pictures of a classroom activity or school event
-"How To" Projects
-Research Presentation
-Practice Fluency
Below is an example of a Shadow Puppet I created recently with a 2nd Grade class.  The students had written books about the seasons and the teacher wanted a way to share the books with technology.  First I took pictures of the students' writing (with the iPad camera) and imported them into the Shadow Puppet app.  Then I worked with each student to record them reading their page of the book.  Now the teacher has a Shadow Puppet video that can be emailed to parents or embedded on his website for all to enjoy. 

Learn more about Shadow Puppet from an interview with its' creator:


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