Monday, November 18, 2013

iPad: PicCollage and Frayer Model for Common Core Vocabulary

The Frayer Model is graphic organizer that helps students learn vocabulary, which is an important component of the Common Core Standards and the Smarter Balanced Assessments.  There are five parts to a Frayer Model:

1.  The defined word in the center
2.  A definition (in the student's own words)
3.  A list of facts or characteristics
4.  Examples of the word (written or images)
5.  Non-examples of the word (written or images)

The Frayer Model helps students to learn new vocabulary by drawing on prior knowledge and requiring students to think critically to make comparisons of attributes and examples.  The completed organizer is a visual representation of the vocabulary students need to know and can be kept for reference.  This model is a great way to learn vocabulary no matter what the subject or grade level of your students.

Traditionally, students will create a Frayer Model on paper and write the facts in the different sections.  (See this great explanation and paper model.)  If you would like to add some technology to the mix, your students can create their Models easily with the PicCollage app for the iPad.

The PicCollage app gives students the option of adding information into various pre-formatted layouts.  One of these layouts is perfect for creating this model.  Students will quickly be able to add text, images, and backgrounds.  The completed visuals can be saved to the camera roll of the iPad, emailed to the teacher or students, and/or published to various social media sites.  Students can keep the images in a file that they can continue to reference, teachers can print them to create word-walls, and teachers can publish completed images on their teacher website so students can continue to learn and build their vocabulary together.

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