Saturday, January 4, 2014

Practicing for a Mystery Skype

Have you ever wanted to participate in a mystery Skype (Mystery Skype explained here) but you are not sure that your elementary students are prepared for the geography questions involved?

I found a great online game by PBS called Where's Buster that will have students using maps and evaluating the information provided to determine Buster's location.  In each example, the students are provided 3 facts/clues that narrow down Buster's location within the given area.  The facts provide clues such as which state the correct state might border, if it borders an ocean, river, lake, or other landform, and sometimes if it does not border another state.  Play the game on your Smartboard for whole class fun or have students practice on individual devices.

You can link to this site and others to teach about the United States on my website:
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