Saturday, March 29, 2014

20 iPad Apps to Use with Project or Product Based Learning

Here are some of my favorite apps to use with Elementary students in the classroom.  These are apps that promote creativity and critical thinking for the Project Based Learning classroom.  I have also linked student examples of how these apps have been used by educators and students.  The examples do not necessarily reflect Project Based Learning, but will give you ideas on how you can use these apps within the framework of your Project or Product Based Learning activities.
You can also click here: to open this Smore as a full page.


  1. Karen, Write About This is an app written by a friend of mine. Small world. Nice list of apps.

  2. Amazing learning ideas you have with the apps that are good to use and allow the students to learn the things that are good for their personality development. I love the way you collect all these here social games for learning are more attractive and you have placed all the best ideas here that how we can get benefit from these games.

  3. Thank you for listing and detailed description of these increadibly useful and interesting ipad application developments. I have two school children and all the applications will be helpful for studies.


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