Thursday, October 15, 2015

Osmo- Play With Your Numbers

Osmo has just added an amazing new game to their collection of interactive games for the iPad.  The Osmo Numbers Game is a fun way to get students excited about math without them even realizing that they are learning!  Students start out with the counting level and gradually move up to multiplication as the levels progress.  But no worries, students can repeat levels as many times as necessary and the game changes every time so it never becomes repetitive.

Counting Level One:

Addition Level One:

In the Osmo Numbers Game, students try to release the fish (and other fun objects) that are trapped above the bubbles.  The bubbles are popped when students place the correct number tile(s) in the camera area.  After completing each level students have the option of moving up to more difficult levels.  As an educator, I would like to see Osmo add an option to access each of the levels (addition, subtraction, or multiplication) at any time so that specific skills can be targeted for students whenever needed.  Hopefully this will be in a future update.

Check out the Osmo site to learn about the other amazing games such as Words, Tangram, Newton, and Masterpiece that will get your students learning through hands-on, fun activities.  You must purchase the Osmo base unit and reflector with game pieces to use with the free apps.  

*Note: I do receive any compensation from Osmo.  I just love their products!


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