Friday, October 16, 2015

Safe, Licensed, and Cited Photos for Classroom Use!

I am so excited to see an image search site like Photos for Class.  This site makes it easy for educators and students to find photos and images for classroom projects.  The site accesses Flickr's vast collection of images and uses filters to provide results that:
1.  Are Rated G (with very few exceptions, you can read the site's filtering info here).
2.  Are licensed under Creative Commons for school use.
3.  Include a formatted citation on the downloaded image.
You can use Photos for Class directly from the website or there are other options too.  If you use Edmodo with your class, you can install the Photos for Class FREE app straight from the Edmodo Store
You can also embed a code to include the Photos for Class search box on your own webpage or school webpage for your students.  You can get the embed codes here.  Try searching for an image with the search box embedded here:

Safe image searching!

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