Friday, October 9, 2015

Teaching About Floods and Severe Weather

In South Carolina we have just been hit with a major storm that has caused mass flooding in the state.  An event like this reminds us how important it is to prepare our students and families for severe weather emergencies.  I have collected some interactive sites that will help teach our students about flooding- how it happens, how they can make their homes safer, what to do in a flood, and where floods have happened historically.  

These sites are informative and fun for students on their own, but remember to take the learning an extra step.  For example, the Cost Calculator can get students thinking about what it would cost to replace their own belongings- this could be a great math lesson.  Students could create a timeline using the floods of the 20th Century site.  How about using the Choose Your Own Adventure Story as a hook for your own students' writing?  Maybe you can also take a look at a topographic map of your area to see where your school sits?


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