Saturday, November 28, 2015

Do You Wanna...Play Some Fun Winter Themed Games?

Winter is here and although we don't have any real snow in the south, there are plenty of virtual ways to play! You will find heaps of icy fun with this collection of games that are centered around the winter themes of snowmen, snowflakes, and snow!  All of your students from Pre-K to 5th Grade will find something fun to do.  Teachers, don't forget that you can also easily connect many of these activities to curricular content.

 Curricular connections with snowflake activities:
Check out the Snowflake Factory and Snow Storm.  They both have connections to fractions and percentages.  
Math connections to make with snowflakes: symmetry, patterns, angles, shapes.
Study the science of snow and snowflakes.
Compare your virtual snowflake design to a real snowflake design.  Create a Venn diagram to compare the two.

Curricular connections to snowman activities:
Choose a simple snowman creator and figure out how many different possibilities there are to create a unique snowman.
Create a digital snowman glyph to represent the student.
Graph the information used from the students' snowmen creations.  Ex: What types of hats.
Copy the digital snowman to a writing program and write a personal narrative, creative story, informational (how to), or practice using adjectives.
Practice your fact families with Snowball Fight!

Have fun learning!


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