Saturday, November 28, 2015

Spell Up with Google

Spell Up with Google is a web-based game in which you build word towers by spelling words correctly.  The better you are at spelling, the higher your tower goes!  There are also word jumbles and missing letter words along the way.  You also collect power-ups that can be used to bypass difficult words if needed.
You must have audio to play as the words are spoken and can be sometimes difficult to understand.  The game has a few tools to help you to understand the word including a translator, an alphabet tool, and a dictionary.  Once you pass Level 1, the player can choose from beginner to advanced level words.  The screen shot above shows words from the intermediate level.  Your answers can be typed in or spoken.

Spell Up with Google has a "for teachers" section that advocates using this site in the classroom for teaching spelling and word pronunciation.  However, the teacher cannot set a level or provide words for this game.  I also found a lag with the keyboard when using my iPad to play this game- even though I chose the correct letters, it did not register all of my keystrokes.

Overall, Spell Up with Google can be a fun way to practice spelling maybe as morning work or when students have completed an assignment.


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