Sunday, November 29, 2015

What the World Eats- Compare Daily Diets Around the World

I just stumbled across this amazing, interactive tool from National Geographic called What the World Eats.  This must be a older resource since the data only goes to 2011, but nonetheless it is still very useful.  There are so many ways this fabulous resource could be used to connect real-world information to the standards.  Some of the features of this site are:

1.  The ability to compare the average diet of several countries and you can even narrow down further to compare one particular food category such as sugar and fat.  Math connections, anyone?  Tons of percentages and numbers to compare here!
2.  You can learn more about the eating habits of people in other counties and how they have changed over the years.  This is a great way to discuss the social, political, and environmental changes that have taken place over time and how they have affected people's eating habits and food availability.
3.  You can also view the consumption of various meats by different countries.  This is a great way to discuss how location and availability of resources drive the choices we make.
I hope you find a way to use What the World Eats with your students!


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