Saturday, December 19, 2015

BrainPop's Sortify: Create Your Own Standards Based Games for FREE

Brain Pop has a new selection of FREE games that you and your students can play even if you don't subscribe to their full content.  These standards based games are great to display on your Smartboard for whole class or small group lessons or for students to use individually.  They cover a variety of content for students K-12.  But, hands down, my favorite is the new game called Sortify!

What I love about the Sortify game is that the Brain Pop developers have provided the content, but YOU create the game!  As you see from the images, there is content for math, language, chemistry, music, etc, but the bins at the bottom are empty.  When you start the game, you choose from a menu of items to choose how you would like to sort the items.  Some are easier than others.  This games allows you to differentiate for your learners!  This also means that the game is never repetitive because there are so many different ways to play.

Although I highly recommend Sortify, there are many other great games offered on Brain Pop's site, too.  Have fun exploring some amazing new, interactive content for your students!


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