Saturday, December 26, 2015 A Visual Search Engine for Kids is a visual search engine made just for kids!  I think it is fairly new as it has recently surfaced on my Facebook feed.  (Sorry, I can't remember who shared.)

I tried and this is what I found:
*The results are hand-picked by the editors or selected by Google safe-search.  So the content is better targeted to students' reading levels and content needed for the classroom.
*Search results include images to help students choose the most relative link.
*The large, Arial font makes it easy to read.

Here is a search I did for Hernando de Soto in and
Both search engines listed 4 of the same sites as their top selections. does show Ads in the center bar and related news on the right which may be distracting.
I like the images next to the information.

The image search provided several of the same images.  However, in there was no indication as to whether the images were licensed for use as there is in Google.

The video searches on both sites returned thumbnail previews of the videos and both seemed to be on topic.  However the entire first page of results (10) in returned YouTube links which are blocked for my students.  Whereas Google provided links to videos in  I would need to check out how appropriate that video would be for my students, though.

Regardless of any minor search limitations, the redeeming quality of is this:
I tried the mild to the severe and got the message every time!
But if one of your kiddos does get a search through using a bad word or does access some inappropriate content, you can also request to update the search engine's filters and blocked sites.

Overall, I think this would be a wonderful starting place for elementary students to search for information.  It gives them the freedom to learn search skills without the worry.


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