Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Polar Bear, Polar Bear... Teach Me!

I love polar bears!  I've even been to Churchill, Canada (which is known as the polar bear capital of the world) to see polar bears in their yearly migration to the sea ice.  So, today I bring you three amazing resources for your students to use to when learning about polar bears, arctic animals, biomes or ecosystems, real-world math, geography, or literacy.

Your students will be amazed with these two sites that allow you to track polar bears through their satellite collars.  You can follow individual bears over time as they travel on land and then over ice as it forms in the winter months.  Connect math by estimating how miles per day your polar bear has traveled.  Connect with literacy and science by writing a journal for your polar bear.  

The WWF Species Tracker follows polar bears in Norway.
 The Polar Bears International BearTracker follows polar bears in Canada.

Hey, if you can't visit polar bears in the wild or in the zoo you can still bring them into your classroom through and the Tundra Buggy Webcam.  This seasonal live camera that is connected to a buggy drives around the tundra all day and films polar bears for your enjoyment!  No worries if you are out of season as they replay highlights from the live season all year long.  How about graphing certain behaviors such as walking, digging, or rolling?  Can your students make inferences from the polar bears' behavior or from something they see and then play Myth-busters and do some research to prove or disprove their theory?

Say "hi" to the polar bears for me!


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