Sunday, January 31, 2016

Found at FETC: Kahoot Ghost Mode- Play Against Players of the Past

Hopefully you've heard of Kahoot by now!  It is a great online tool for assessing student knowledge in a fun, game-like platform.  Recently, Kahoot has made some wonderful changes including the addition of Ghost Mode!  Ghost Mode is a new option that allows students to play against the ghosts of the people that took the assessment before them.  This means that students can now retake a Kahoot assessment and try to improve upon their original score (because they will be playing against their former ghost self and score).  Or, students can play against another class.  The assessment and results can be shared between teachers, so classes next door or even across the world can take the assessment at different times, but still compete against one another.

How do you get to Ghost Mode?  It's easy.  Once you have played a Kahoot and it ends, there will be a "Ghost Mode" option to play again immediately against the ghosts.

Or, from your main Kahoot screen, you can find assessments you have given in the past and click on the little ghost icon.

Get started with Kahoot!
Create an assessment at for free.
Students take an assessment at with your game pin!

Kahoot works on all platforms.


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