Monday, January 18, 2016

Found at FETC: Osmo + My Osmo= Personalized Learning!

If you are using Osmo's awesome apps and you are not using the My Osmo features, you are missing out on some of the best ways to use your Osmo apps.

Did you know that in My Osmo you can:
*Create student accounts and track student progress (even on the new NUMBERS app)?
*Browse newly created albums of words and create your own puzzles for the WORDS app?
*Save your MASTERPIECE drawing and submit it to the Wall of Fame?
*Browse the forum to download and share lesson plans?

Just create a FREE account and you will be given a code to connect your apps to your account.  Don't worry if you share an iPad with another teacher, you can also connect multiple accounts!

Once you have your code, in an Osmo app:

Also NEW in NUMBERS: Go to the Settings icon in the top left and you can bypass all the levels!
This is great if you are working with older kids and you don't need to spend the time on the easier problems or if you want to open the levels on a teacher log-in account.


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