Wednesday, February 17, 2016

ABCya Talkify: Make Pictures Talk

There are so many easy to use apps for tablets that allow your students to make pictures talk- like ChatterPix Kids or FaceTalker- but what if you don't have tablets!?  Maybe you've tried Blabberize?  But seriously, have you ever been able to get the mouth right with that site?  Finally, has created an easy to use, web based application called Talkify that makes your picture talk!  

1.  Choose one of the cute monsters or upload your own picture.  Idea here: The picture you upload doesn't have to be a face!  How about uploading or taking a screenshot of the student's work or writing and letting the mouth tell about the project or read the story?
2.  Size your image and select and size the mouth.
3.  Record!  There is no official countdown of time, but it seems to be about 30 seconds of recording time.  If you don't like it, there is a re-record option.
4.  Save the video file to your computer or device.  This is the only place that gets a bit tricky!

I tried saving the video in 3 different web browsers.  Only Google Chrome allowed me to actually save a video file.  IE and Firefox both failed to save the file as a video.  In Google Chrome, the file is saved in a .ogv file type which is NOT common.  Most computers will NOT have a program installed that will be able to open and read the video file once downloaded from ABCya.  However, if you upload the video(s) to YouTube or Vimeo, they play just great!

So overall, my evaluation is:
The creation is SUPER EASY.
Saving is EASY.
Playback is more difficult, but DOABLE!


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  1. Your site is a great resource! I especially appreciate your interactive site. I have students switching from iPads to touchscreen Chromebooks. Most of my staff is concerned about the interactivity in comparison to an iPad. Keep up the resource building! :)


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