Friday, February 5, 2016

Reviewing Is Fun with! is one of the newer gamified quiz platforms on the block.  Your students will love the fun, fast-paced competitive style review.  You will love the data you gather to know what to teach, review, or reteach for your students to be successful.  

If you have used Kahoot in the classroom, Quizizz is similar.  However, there are a few features of Quizizz that I like that Kahoot does not have.  The first is that Quizizz is student paced.  Each student answers questions on their own device, at their own pace.  There is no waiting for each student to complete each question.  The second is that the questions and answers both show up on the students device in Quizizz.  Whereas, in Kahoot the student must look up at a screen or Interactive Whiteboard to see the question and answers that correspond to the color blocks on the student's device.

Create a FREE account and you can get started right away by choosing from thousands of already created quizzes available in the public collection.

Choose a quiz and you can play it immediately by clicking on Play Live!.  Your students will go to and enter the game pin provided when you start the game.  

If a teacher finds a pre-created quiz they like in the public quizzes, the duplicate button makes it their own and also allows the teacher to make changes.
Teachers can also choose to assign a quizizz as homework.  This means that the quiz will stay live for up to 2 weeks and the students can log on with the pin at any time to take the quiz.

 Before starting you can also change the question settings and game settings to meet your student's needs.

Students will each participate on their own device at their own pace within the given time per question set by the teacher in the game.  If chosen, fun game music is played and memes are shown between questions.

When students have completed the quiz, the teacher will be able to see a compilation of all results by question and by student.  

Give a try in your classroom and your students might even ask if they can review their facts again and again!


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