Saturday, June 11, 2016

Create Custom QR Codes for Free

QR Codes make it easy for your students with iPads or computers with QR readers to quickly get to websites without having to type in long URLs or having to find a resource page first.  I also love using QR codes for scavenger hunt activities and to reveal answers and information when students are checking their work.  What I dislike about QR codes is that the generic black codes all look alike.  However, QR generators like SnippQR! allow you to create unique, colorful, QR codes with an image that you can upload so that it is easy to identify or to brand for your website or business.

There are many QR code generators available and they are EASY to use.  You just type or paste in the URL your want the QR code to go to, add a few formatting choices, and it is generated for you to copy, download, or have emailed to you.

SnippQR! even comes with social media icons so you can create QR codes to quickly lead parents to your class Facebook or Twitter feeds.

A great way to highlight your students' work with QR codes:
Set up a classroom website on  An educator account will allow you to set up free pages for your students.  The student pages will be their "QR Code Portfolio Pages".  Create a QR Code for each students' web page.  You can even add the students' picture to each QR code.  Place the QR codes in the hallway or on your classroom door so others can scan them.  Now you or your students can copy/paste any exemplary work into their Weebly page anytime you wish.  The QR will always link to this webpage.  Ready to change it?  Just delete what is there (it's a copy, right?) and paste something new in!  Or, keep building the webpage as a portfolio.

Other free QR code generators:

Here is the QR code I created in SnippQR! for my site.  Try it out!


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