Monday, June 20, 2016

Create Interactive, Engaging, Digital Worksheets/Assessments with calls them worksheets, I call them assessments.  This new site is a simple way to formatively or summatively assess students on video, audio, written content, or a combination.  

Log in as a teacher and choose the content on which you will assess your students.  You can copy/paste a URL from a YouTube video, upload an image, or choose a worksheet to edit from the growing list of community shared worksheets in the explore tab:

Then add or edit the questions you will ask your students. has a wonderful variety of question types to keep students engaged and thinking:
Now assign your worksheet/assessment to your students.  This resource integrates directly with your Google Classroom account!  Or, you can copy/paste the link for students to access through Edmodo, email, etc.  

You can set up your worksheet to automatically grade your questions that are not open-ended.  The teacher can also go back to the worksheet and review each students' answers and individually grade the assignments.

Here are some videos to walk you through the process of creating, assigning to students, and grading:

Work wizer, not harder!


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